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Friday, November 04, 2005

move on, little boy.
the world's got no time for you.
neither sympathy, nor love
all your wants will be a long time coming.

try to be there for someone in need,
they'll leave when the skies are fair.
fair weathered friends?
love will leave u with the complete opposite.

because the world is happy,
so is she.
everybody's singing and dancing,
but the sad ones in a dark corner they'll sit.

so thanks world, for being just cold to me.

it is just a rather sad night. plenty going on in my life.. bereavements, a temporary family member, rejection, fear, panic, delusions. would it be too much for me to ask you to be there for me?

apparently, yes. so thank you and have a nice day.

the world's spinning happily. :)

Monday, October 31, 2005

Ferdie Flores may be alright!

don't know which is real. but still, i'm praying for him to be ok.

it seems unthinkable that there'd still be ppl be willing to be persecuted for God. looking at where i am now, it seems a pretty far shot. but it is the best thing in the world to be living in His love, and for Him.

His love is so real. i know it.

i think for what He did, He deserves every morsel of our being that we can give to Him. every single bit we refuse to surrender, clearly it should be His.

if we were to distinguish clearly between right and wrong, it is not impossible. it is really just black and white. the grey parts are just what we create ourselves. because there is absolute truth. just that we refuse to bite the bullet and admit that we could possibly be wrong.

but it is a choice, to be right, or to be wrong. one can choose either path to take. choice is not a void.

for me, i choose to be right. i'd rather walk in the light.

but what if i fall? that's where His love is real.

Thank You, Lord. you have been teaching me even when i've strayed.

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